Quantenna to raise $100m in long-awaited IPO, launches 802.11ax


The IPO for WiFi chipmaker Quantenna has been a long time coming and there were times when we did not think it would get there, believing that a cash burn which sent it headlong into a $79 million deal with a Russian bank in 2012, might mean that other funders were too shy to take on further risk.

In the end the company has taken on board $187 million in fund-ing, and needed to come up with a value north of $500 million in order to bring a decent VC return on a long investment, which this IPO just about achieves. Effectively it is asking for $100 million, net of costs, which it will get if it sells 6.7 million shares at the mid-point of its $14 to $16 spread, and about $7 million more if an ex-tra 1 million shares are taken by the underwriters or it gets the highest price or both.

Quantenna has made its reputation by offering a WiFi chip early against each progressive standard, and at the fullest level of that specification. In the 802.11ac Wave II market it was a full year ahead of rivals, and in the coming 802.11ax, it launched a chip ear-lier this week, for delivery in bulk next year, way ahead of market expectation.

It calls this the QSR10G-AX built around its Wave 3 802.11ac based chip, but offering support for 8 concurrent data streams in 5 GHz and 4 in 2.4 GHz making 12 MU-MIMO streams.

Today Quantenna has just $16.9 million in the bank, and with cash owed, a working capital of $31.8 million. Its prospectus lists rivals as Broadcom, Marvell, MediaTek and Qualcomm, but in truth its specialized nature has meant it has mostly targeted the 10% of the WiFi chip market for home gateways through operator access points. In this it has competed with Celeno in Israel and Broadcom.

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